Male Infertility Treatment , Male Infertility Treatment Clinics , Infertility Specialist Doctor for Male ,Male Infertility Treatment . When you are diagnosed with male infertility, it is advisable to go for the treatment as soon as possible. Apart from reducing the capability of reproduction, it can also become a cause behind several silent diseases.

Male infertility is spreading at an alarming rate and according to some studies; approximately one in every five infertile couples, the problem is with the male. With the advancement in the medical world, there are many treatments present today that can help you in treating the male infertility in a better and efficient way. If the causes behind the infertility are known, then it can be treated. Here are some of the treatments that you can go through for the infertility-

Antisperm Antibodies

If the antisperm antibody level in you is greater than 1:32, then immunosuppression would be helpful for you. The doctor may suggest you some steroids for a cyclic period of 3-6 months. But, before taking these steroids, you must gain some knowledge about the affect and side affect that these steroids may possess.

Semen Processing

If you have a poor quality or number of semen, then you can be benefitted from semen wash. Once you have got your semen washed, then you can use it for Intrauterine Insemination.


There are some lifestyle changes that you must apply to get rid of the infertility. If you have a smoking or drinking habits, then you would have to quit it as soon as possible. Besides, any other addiction, like marijuana, etc can have a bad effect on your reproduction capabilities as well. Moreover, if you are under stress, then you can opt for stress relief therapies, too.


You can go under the knife to treat the infertility as well. The surgery can help in the correction of the anatomic abnormalities or the damaged reproductive organs. You can also use the surgery for delivering sperm to the woman. It can also repair the blockages of the tube that can prevent transportation of the sperm. It can also repair the varicocele.

There are various other treatments as well that can help you in dealing with the infertility. However, it has been seen that the surgeries have been more beneficial than the medical treatment. If you undergo some medical therapies, then you can may or may not become prone to some side effects, while surgeries prove out to be the best way to treat the infertility.