IVF Process Cost , IVF Treatment Process , Fertility Expert ,IVF Process Cost , IVF Treatment Process , Fertility Expert . Some situations may occur in which you may find it difficult to conceive on the right time. Out of the blue, IVF treatment seems like a ray of hope in the darkness. If you also want to go for this treatment, then know the process that makes it easy and successful to conceive with In Vitro Fertilization technique.

Step 1: Ovulation Induction

Before starting the actual procedure, the fertility expert will be examining your ovaries and will note the timings of the egg release. This is to note whether or not you are producing enough eggs that are required to get pregnant. If you become unable to do so, then you can use the donated eggs for this procedure.

Step 2: Egg Retrieval

Once it is assured that you are capable of producing the eggs and your fertility specialist has noted down all the required timings. Next, the eggs will be taken out of you. This procedure happens with the help of a thin needle. With the help of vaginal ultrasound, the doctor removes the fluid from the follicles, and then the egg is removed from the follicular fluid.

Step 3: Fertilization

Next, the egg will be fertilized. For the fertilization of the egg, a secured sperm is used. This sperm can be of your partner or can be donated as well. Then, the sperm will be mixed with the egg, or it can be directly injected as well. After the mixture, the doctor will place the sperm and the egg in the incubator and will monitor the development of a healthy embryo.

Step 4: Embryo Implantation

The last step of the IVF treatment is the embryo transfer. After monitoring the developed embryo, generally the healthiest ones are transferred and implanted within you. After the successful transfer and the implantation, the doctor would suggest you bed rest for 24 hours.